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  • ARCS Scholar Aaron Bosse Emory University

    Welcome to ARCS® Foundation Atlanta Chapter

    We fund Scholars who will change the world

  • ARCS Scholar Asheley Chapman Georgia Tech

    ARCS Scholars are Among the Best and Brightest

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    We Advance Science in America

    By providing financial awards to outstanding US citizens

  • ARCS Scholar Michael Mills University of Georgia

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    At Emory, Georgia Institute of Technology, Morehouse, and University of Georgia

ARCS Foundation Atlanta Chapter 2023-20 ARCS Scholars
On November 21, 2023, the Atlanta Chapter celebrated with our 57 outstanding young scientists. They received ARCS Scholar Awards totaling over $461,000 at our 27th annual Scholar Awards Luncheon.

Emory University Scholar Elizabeth Sajewsky
Elizabeth Sajewsky, from Environmental Health Sciences at Emory University, focuses on the transmission dynamics of enteric pathogens and how vaccinations and food-safety strategies can limit the spread of disease.
Click the image to view and open the 2023 Scholar Yearbook

ARCS Scholar Alumni Chris Cleveland University of Georgia
UGA Scholar Alumni Chris Cleveland
Chris Cleveland is now an Assistant Research Scientist with the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study. He currently works with The Carter Center studying Guinea Worm transmission among domestic animals and wildlife.
Tweets by @ARCS_Atlanta
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